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Mackerel with harissa

Mackerel with harissa and Rosado

A terrific (and dead easy) recipe for those who like strong flavours, and a hit of fiery pepper. Mackerel is one of the best, tastiest fish around - it’s also sustainable and extremely good for you, since it’s an oily fish full of omega-3 oils. When buying harissa, check the ingredients and don’t buy harissa that’s made from anything other than hot peppers, chilli and seasoning, perhaps with rose petals for extra aroma. One well-known brand is based on root vegetables and you can taste the difference.

Serves four
4 mackerel fillets
I jar harissa

1. Pre-heat the grill.

2. Lay the fillets skin side down and coat them on one side with harissa. Be generous; the flavour of the mackerel is strong enough to take it. Then just grill them for a few minutes on both sides.

3. Serve straight away either with new potatoes and a green salad, or with couscous with plenty of parsley, coriander and mint, some chopped red pepper and a little preserved lemon.

Serve with
The perfect wine for this is rosado – juicy, strawberryish pink Rioja with enough weight and aroma to deal with strong flavours, but light enough to be refreshing, as well