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Rioja Taste Tapas Fantasticas

Rioja Taste Tapas Fantasticas

At the heart of Spanish culture and lifestyle since the mid- 12th century, tapas, from the Spanish verb ‘to cover’, was traditionally a complimentary small plate of food served on top of a glass of wine. Today,  the tradition lives on and, this social style of eating with friends and family, where small plates of local delicacies from jamón Iberia, croquetas and gambas are served with wine, continues to thrive. Located in the gastronomic heart of northern Spain, Rioja is the country’s most renowned wine region. Covering 63, 593 hectares of vineyards, the Rioja wine region spans three provinces on the Upper Ebro – La Rioja, Alava and Navarre, with the love of gastronomy and wine being key to the way of life, especially in towns such as Logroño and Haro. Rioja wines are renowned for their food matching qualities and the perfect accompaniment to a vast array of tapas dishes. In celebration of the upcoming Tapas Fantasticas festival (14th – 15th June), a two day London based festival celebrating Rioja wine, Spanish food and lifestyle, Wines from Rioja has teamed up with Square Meal to offer readers a mouth-watering tapas-style experience. From 19th May until the 16th June, readers can enjoy a complimentary tapas or light dish with every glass of Rioja purchased at a number of leading London restaurants from across the culinary spectrum including Aqua Nueva, Bedford & Strand and Paradise by Way of Kensal Green. For each glass of Rioja ordered, diners who sign up to the promotion will receive a stamp which can go towards rewards redeemable at Tapas Fantasticas. For further details on the offer, make sure you pick up a copy of the Spring issue of Square Meal or visit the Square Meal website


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