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Rioja 16 Statistics - June

Rioja 2016 statistics – June

General Background

  • Exports made up 38% of Rioja sales over the 12 months from May 2015 to April 2016, compared with the same % last year. 
  • For the year ending April 2016, 90.5% of global Rioja exports were red, 4.7 rosé, and 4.8% white.
  • Global Rioja exports were made up of 46.0% of Sin Crianza wines, 22.2% Crianza, 27.3% Reserva and 4.5% Gran Reserva over the past year (Rioja Exporters Group stats to April 2016).
  • All Rioja categories are experiencing growth with Crianza and Gran Reserva experiencing the highest volume growth on the export markets at 2.4% and 5.2% respectively over the last 12 months.


UK Sales

Exports to the UK

  • The UK remains Rioja’s largest export market, accounting for 34% of exports. Germany is the second largest market, with 16% of exports (Rioja Exporters Group stats to April 2016).
  • 53.7% of exports to the UK are Sin Crianza wines, 15.6% are Crianza, 27.2% Reserva and 3.5% Gran Reserva (Rioja Exporters Group stats to April 2016).


Volume and value

  • Rioja volumes have grown in the last 12 months (+2.8%) in contrast to the general UK market which has declined by -1.4% and the Spanish category which has grown by 0.9% over the year. Rioja now accounts for 3.5% of the volume of the UK market (Nielsen MAT to 05.12.15).
  • Rioja value has continued to grow at a rapid pace in the last year, and is now at £228m – an increase of 4.3%, and outpacing the wider UK market which fell by -1.1%, and the Spanish category, which saw marginal decline in value of -0.2% over the same period. Rioja accounts for 4% of the value of the UK market (Nielsen MAT to 05.12.15).
  • Rioja’s position as Spain’s flagship region is stronger than ever with Rioja representing 35% of Spanish volume and 45% of Spanish value – demonstrating Rioja’s tendency to over-index at higher price points (Nielsen MAT to 05.12.15).


Average price

  • Rioja continues to outperform the wider market in terms of average price occupying the highest place for average price within the Spanish category
  • The average price for Rioja currently sits at £6.53 per bottle, up 1.5% year on year. This figure is 21% higher than the average across the wine market as a whole (£5.38) and 30% higher than the rest of the Spanish category (£5.00). (Nielsen MAT to 05.12.15)
  • 95% of Rioja is sold at over £5, compared to less than 50% across the Spanish category and wider UK market (Nielsen MAT to 05.12.15), reinforcing consumers’ trust in the region demonstrated in their willingness to spend more on wines from Rioja.


White Rioja

  • White Rioja has experienced volume growth of 17%, growing their market share to 4.2%, and indicating that consumers are increasingly interested in exploring the diversity Rioja has to offer. White wine shares within the Spanish category continue to hold between a fifth and a quarter of the market share, demonstrating the opportunity that exists for Rioja to grow representation in this category. (Nielsen MAT to 05.12.15)